Monday, June 11, 2018

More Big Boys Toys.

A model steam engine working up a head of steam.

Day at the Coast, Whitmore Bay

Leaving the cars behind for a stroll east around the  bay,

before returning to the west side for a picnic lunch with a view.

A Day by the Coast and Classic Cars

Over 400 vehicles on display on Barry Island's Promenade.

Learned to drive in one.  If you are wondering what the panda is doing sitting in front of the Morris, it is a reference to the nick name these cars were given in the 1960s.  Why panda?  Because they appeared as black and white on the monochrome TVs of the period, in the cops and robbers sitcom, Z-cars.  Most plausible explanation thrown up by google.

Had one,

Had one,

Had two,

 Wish I had had one,

Had one, but never drove one. Not a Morgan anywhere to be seen.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Penarth Alexandra Park.

Topiary central. 

With the odd sculpture here and there.

Volvo Ocean Race - Port Run Around, Cardiff

We arrived a little early for the start of the in port race, with the estuary still empty of yachts.  Rather chilly it was.

The circuit  buoys were on the way out to make the course,

and the rescue chaps going out to station. So, time for an Italian lunch along Penarth promenade.

 On our return, there they were.  Seemed to be playing chicken with each other, three going right and two left.

A little difficult was it to capture all 7 yachts in one shot.  Before the start of the race, flitting about all over the place they were

Then they were off.  Bit confusing for us, the uninitiated, as three yachts when off to the left and  four headed across the estuary towards Devon.

Walking back to the station, Scallywag came in to view between the trees.  She had just wound in her spinnaker.

Arriva is Departing

Come September we are due to have a change of train operator on the valley lines.

These old chaps will soon be retired.  Some are more than 35 years young.

Hope they keep the friendly dragon that guards our station.

Monday, June 04, 2018

View from Mynyndd Eglwysilan

 To the north, the Beacons

To the south, the Bristol Channel.  That is a range of well over 50 miles.

The Ordnance Survey post, now clearly obsolete, on the common is at 355 mt, 1165 ft. That is the wonder of the Valleys, so many of these easy to access 360 panoramic views. Must remember to take a decent image of the east and west views on our next visit for completeness sake.

Book - How Shakespeare Changed Everything.

Or did he?  Not sure he did. He did, however, reflect back to us how we really are.  And for certain we have not changed in the 400 years since he was strutting his stuff.  Life is still unfair. Well written book, though, and a fun  read.  3 on the door for Steve.

Book - Ticket to Ride

A fun read which prompted me to label all our train experiences here on this blog. See 'Trains' at the foot of this entry.  The result, 25 posts on trains!!  The book is more about the countries and the people met on Tom's rides than the trains and thier engines.  Some of his people meetings chimed with our own.  4 on the door for Chesshyre.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Volvo Round the World Yacht Race

 Six of the seven contesting yachts arrived in the early hours of the 29th, with the first and second to arrived from Newport, American, within 4 minutes of each other. Poor old Scallywag arrived 24 hours later.  This is all you could see of the boats, each having its mast removed for servicing.

A special shed had been erected on the dock to facilitate the overhaul.

Also, an exhibition where you could get an impression of the spartan conditions the crews endured whilst at sea.  The next leg to Gothenburg leaves at 4.30 on Sunday.  We plan to watch the restart from Penarth, weather permitting.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The House at Changi

Alice and Mary-Ann in transit at Changi, off for a short break.

Thank you both for the house photos. Looks in very good nick.  The Peanakan Museum guys done a good job on the refurb.

A Day out in Cardiff

 A first visit to the wetlands in Cardiff Bay, a bit of bird spotting to do.

The Mallard Guard, they will not pass.

A grebe, crested, I think.. 

After the spot the bird walk, over to the Millennium Centre for an unusual concert but not before clocking this guy on the wall.  The apparent fire was caused by the spot lamp/sun combination giving him light.  Is the Welsh Dragon a he? Could well be a she.

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales has it's very own recording /broadcasting come concert hall in the Centre, The Hoddinott Hall.  The performance we listened to was part of the Vale of Glamorgan Festival for which the classical concerts feature only the works of living composers. This can throw up some most unlikely combination of performers.  For us, a Frenchman Alexandre Bloch conducting a Welsh orchestra  in a piece by a gentleman from China, Qigang Chen. Oh, and a Welsh choir for sake of completeness.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

First Crack

Well, it seems that I have been making model buildings for longer than I thought. Brother Mark and I were into construction from very young, as evidenced by this pic he sent me recently.  These we made for our model railway.

Monday, April 30, 2018

San Fran House - Front Completed

With door knocker some more.  Behind, back lite oil-on-canvas paintings done by Gek for her Faces exhibition in Penang, 2014.

Right side with Gek keeping an ever watchful eye.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

San Fran House - Dining Room

A Georgian fire place from Susan Cook, including a 'fire' in the grate, fender and a carpet we picked up recently at the Arnhem Dollhouse Fair. Paintings by the artist in residence.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

San Fran House - Two Rooms Completed....'ish

Master bedroom and

kitchen.  Eight more to go.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Dollhouse, Getting Serious.

 Items bought at the Arnhem DH fair we attended recently. 

Singer sewing machine to go in Gek's planned studio.

Hengoed - Hello, Snow Again?

Lavender snow waves. Snow like caster sugar.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Netherlands - Den Haag, Miniatures.

A last minute discovery after a visit to the VVV, the tourist information centre to you.

A temporary display of Lita de Ranitz's (1876-1960) dollhouse and miniature collection.

We started the visit to the Netherlands with miniatures and end with miniatures. Result.

The Netherlands - Mauritshuis Musem

The recently refurbished home of the Girl with the pearl.

Here she is.  The actual painting.

On the opposite wall, another of Johannes works, View of Delft (1660 - 1661: "He took a turbulent reality, and made it look like Heaven on Earth.")

The Mauritshuis was built between 1636 and 1641........ that is 377 years ago.  OK, the building was extensively damaged by fire in 1704, but  hey, the place is not leaning over and is as impressive a place to be in as the amazing art it is home to.