Saturday, July 14, 2018

Burry Port Sunset

The lighthouse being lit from the outside,

And purple clouds reflected in the low tide waters. Extraordinary.

Cefn Bryn, the Other Side

A conveniently placed view identifier, pointing to the Beacon Beacons 38 miles to the north.

And Ilfracombe across the Bristol Channel to the south.

Cefn Byrn, Views From

Just a little breeze to help keep us cool.

The fields differing colours, from green through to yellow make the picture.

Time for a shadowie.

Arthur's Stone.  A neolithic burial site.

Across from Arthur's Stone

Pwll, pronounced Porth if you were wondering, as viewed from across the Loughor estuary, with Weobley Castle in the foregound.

On June 17, 1928 Amelia Erhart landed on the sands in front of Pwll after flying for 20 hours and 40 minutes non-stop from Tremassey Harbour, Newfoundland.  Not many people know that.

Weobley Castle

Sorry, but 700 plus year old castles are a Welsh thing.  

Actually, Weobley is classified as a 'fortified manor house'.   Looks pretty castle like to me.

 Marvelous view across the Loughor estuary.

Another pretty complete 'castle', given it's age.

Amazing civil engineering,

 for Gek to sit pretty in.


The start of our exploration of the north Gower coast line. People have been collecting cockles here since at least Roman times and probably much longer than that.

Kidwelly Castle

Approaching from the town.

What you see of the castle today was built between the 12th and 15th centuries.

 Which amounts to quite a lot.

 T'was occupied by French and Brittany troops in 1403, only to be kicked out bya norman army three weeks later.

Gek to give scale.

Friday, July 13, 2018


First a visit to the castle,

to take in the view from it's wall.

Plas Llanstephan, build in the second half of the 16 century, currently under going extensive renovations. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

San Fran house - Stairway

This has been quite a challenge,

 but the ground floor now has access to the first floor!!!

Couple of tiny, tiny jobs to do before totally satisfied with it, then time to make the furniture.

This photo for Swi. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Lomaxes Day in the Valleys.

First to Garwnant  Country Park for an amble,

followed by lunch at the cafe with a view.  Me thinks we will be on water rationing soon.  Water rationing in the Welsh Valleys.....unheard of!!!

After a drive over the Roman Road across Gelli-gaer common, on to visit the castle,

with a final stop at the Mountain view for an walk followed by Sidoli ice cream. The Morgan pictured was a bonus.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Swi in Wales - The National Botanic Gardens.

 A good time to visit with so many flowers in full bloom.

A dome any Singaporean would  recognise, although this one is intended to keep plants warm, where as in Sing it is meant to keep plants cool.

An odd find, trees roots from Ghana,

 alongside more conventional displays.

T'is a lovable place. After a stop off in Llandeilo for a special hot chocolate on the way home to celebrate Gek's birthday, Swi left the next day for the second part of her hols, Amsterdam.  Some contrast.

Swi in Wales - St. David's

I joked on the drive over to the city that we might not be able to see the cathedral as the fog we were driving through reduced our visibility to about 10 mts at one stage. 

Well at least the inside was mist-less.

After lunch in the refectory, we revisited the secret garden,

 for photo opps,

then to admire the roses,

and _______ (fill in the blank). Gives you an indication as to how damp it was.

Swi in Wales - Milford Haven and Pembroke.

 The old docks are now a marina.  Very quiet here,

so we moved on to castle number five, Pembroke.

The first Tudor king of England and Wales was born here, Henry the VII.  Then came Henry the VIII, daughter Mary and finally Elizabeth before the Scottish Stuarts were invited to take over the 'crown'.  no Englishman had the right credentials for the job, apparently.

Back to our temporary home from home to relax.

Swi in Wales - Manorbier Castle

Castle number four. This castle was built during the 12th century and is pretty much the same today as back then, only having been attacked twice and then only in skirmishs.

 That could have been due to its rather remote situation

 Going up to the chapel,

and, yes, it was still a bit chilly, cold even. This is June, in the UK.  Just a reminder, it IS summer, June in this part of the world.

 The day before our visit there had been a wedding in the chapel.

The church next door, St James's, again dating from the 12th century.