Friday, January 20, 2017

Miniatura Autumn 2016

Gek is in here somewhere.  A good portrait of the show.

Till We Meet Again

Just before the festive season began, we met up with Polly for a Sunday lunch at the Rose and Crown.   January 8th, she boarded a plane for a new life in Australia.   Singapore is schedule for our next get together in 2019.

Queen Anna's Progress

Having nailed and glued the main structure of the house together, it didn't quite look right to me.  Something was missing.

Then, whilst webnetting for a colour scheme, I chanced upon this beauty which said, -'add a porch, dumbo'.  So I have.  Lavender, black and white are the new orange.

Now, that's more like it.  I also had a delivery of components from Blackwells. Gosh, has the price of stuff got up or what?  I will have to budget myself 50 quid a month and even then the box delivered will only have 4 or 5 items in it.  But well worth it.  Doors and windows first.

Added Lighting

Ahead of the next Miniaturia Fair at the NEC in spring, I have added more lights to illuminate the art.  Found cupboard LED lights at B&Q fit for purpose.  Now there are three  lighting systems in the one house.

First Sprinkle - 13th Jan

Just for the record, woke to the first snow of winter 2017.