Thursday, April 28, 2011

Penang hill - David Brown's

 Our third visit to the Hill in as many weeks.  But this time for dinner at David Brown's.  This was our first night visit to the hill.

And it didn't  disappoint.  A mist came down at dusk and obscured Georgetown for a while

Just before darkness completely fell, the mist lifted.

After darkness came, an amazing sight.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Paraglider

 The pre-flight briefing.  "What ever you do do, don't............."

Taking the strain. 

 Had to tilt the camera to get both of the paraglidering Toby and his tow boat in. 

 And the view from those tiny strings is pretty scary.  You are a 'braver' man than I am, Gunga Din.  Apologies to Mr. Kipling
 Coming back to earth with dry pants.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Penang Hill - Devonshire Cream Tea.

D C T at D B's on Strawberry Hill, on Penang Hill which is really called Bukit Bendera,  which means Flag Hill in English.  Confusing,  no?  David Brown's has a lovely lily pond and  a very English ambiance.

On this day, a smug looking Englishman feeling at home with his cream tea.  Strawberry jam on Strawberry Hill and Earl Grey of course.  Has to be done!!!!

April Visitors.

Anne was our first April visitor.  An interesting mix of felt making and tourist site visiting.

Then a large tour group, Toby, Swi and Sock Hoon. Visits to Penang are organised around food.  First you decide when and where you are going to eat and then you decide what you are going to do between Breakfast, 11'ses, Lunch, tea, dinner and finally supper.  That is just the way it is, lah.

 The troupe on the Hill.  Toby, Swi and Sock Hoon.

A part of the island Gek and I hadn't visited with very quiet beaches.  A car would be nice, if an unwanted liability but to hire one every now and then feels great.

Pic by Toby.
Contemplating the mist.

Penang Hill - Bellevue Hotel

Bellevue certainly has a belle view.  Probably the best from the hill,  with a lovely garden to enjoy while you take in the panorama of Penang State.

 For certain,  Chris and I love the long view.   The funicular railway is still not open for the public to use.  so we came up the hill in a jeep.  Not as exciting as Maxwell hill but fun none the less.

Whilst sitting enjoying the quiet of the hill, we were being watched from the rafters by your friendly Pit Viper.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Taiping Postscript.

Maxwell hill,

Taiping Water Garden,
make for a very relaxing trip.  Thoroughly recommended.

Second Round

Just three big kids!!!!  But now there is mum to say "NO" to a second round of cones.  What are they like!!!!

Moving image

From a speeding car, North South Highway

Monday, April 04, 2011

Trees seeking water

 On one side of the lake in Taiping's Lake Garden are these amazing trees.

They are genetically programed for the trunk to grow near horizontal over a river or lake.  To catch the sunlight that other trees in the forest miss out on, I guess.

 And then there are these monsters, straight out of Tolkien.

But these have to take the prize for surprise.  They seem to defy the laws of mechanics with almost all the branches seeking the water from the wrong side of the road.  Who ever thought of this planting scheme created something quite unique.

Skimming Martins

Another interesting encounter in the Garden.  At first I thought the waters surface was being broken by fish rising to take insects on the surface.  But no.  The ripples were caused by a flock of, I think martins, taking insects off the water and creating three splashes,  two by with thier wing tips and one at the point of snatch. An extraordinary sight. All over the lake.

Sunday, April 03, 2011


How did my nose get so BIG and where did my lips go?

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Monkey Jump.

 I thought these were spectacled Langur's, but I am not sure.  At least they are law abiding and don't mug us humanoids.

A group of may be 20 were jumping through the trees.  This  female had a youngster clinging for grim death to her chest.

Wonder how often they misjudge the jump and the branch strength at the landing site?