Thursday, November 07, 2019

St Fagans

A promised Autumn visit didn't disappoint. A 300 year old oak.

Also a guided tour of the Castle gardens for some plant tips.

That castle again, this Time from the valley floor.  Autumn well on now.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Castell Coch

A castle I have passed so many times and never visited.

 Did a little enhancing to show it really is Red.

 A romantic medieval interior, created for the Marquess of Bute in the 19th on the remains of 13th   century castle.

 A little ott for my personal taste.

 A thunder box loo. My model in the B & W house is quite accurate then!!!!

 Bed with Bath tub.

Leaving shot.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Queen Anne Update

Fine dining with new candle sticks from Glass Craft Miniatures to add to my collect of Phil's pieces.

A new carpet in the reception area, although it will most likely be replaced when I find a more appropriate size and design.

Just need a towel stand to complete the bathroom, now there is to be of Colgate toothpaste on the shelf. Oh, now need toothbrushes also! Never ending acquisitions.

Two more Chinese black lacquer furniture pieces added plus a carpet, to the study from Dream Homes.

A couple of detail items added, a milk jug from Kleine, our neighbour at the 2019 Minatura Autumn Fair, and couple boxes. Oh, and an expensive dinner plate dropped, broken in two! Oops.

The view after dark.

Sunday, October 13, 2019


OK, to you and me, Blue John. The pretty village of Castleton the nearest to the cavern where the mineral is mined.

Very rare these days and hence a little on the expensive side. There were some lovely miniature bowls in the shops but way too much for me to buy, sadly.

Around the Peaks

It WAS October, so you can expect just a little of the wet stuff but we did manage to dodge the wind and the rain to grab a few camera shots. Here, Black Rock, or what is left after the lead miners stopped digging. Very aptly named.

 Hope Valley

 Ladybower Reservoir.

Millers Dale dual viaduct. In the 1880s Buxton had three separate stations all terminus's, fed by three separate railway lines, run by three separate railway companies. Popular place Buxton.  A long way to come just for a bath though, don't you think? Wonder how the Romans got here without a railway? In fact, how did they find the 'baths' in the first place?

FUA Revisited

 Doesn't she look absolutely bl-----dy gorgeous!!!!

The quality of Martyn's work is exemplary.

 In all the detail.

David and Martyn did let me have my moment in the driving seat.  Thank you both and the girls for yet another memorable day in your company.

Over to Buxton

 Calling in at Ashbourne on the way.

 The Pavilion.

The Crescent Hotel, built between 1780 and 1784, where I stayed on the night of 12 April 1969......over 50 years ago!!!!!!!!

 Gek already for

a walk in the park.

Miniatura at the NEC

Our last attendance as stall holders. Gek is moving on to her 'large' paintings.

 But, I will still have most of these treasures to add to my miniature collection. No worries!!!

Lots of colourful stuff.

Friends we have made on our previous visits we will meet again, including Paul and his ships,

and of course, Gary and Heidi, my favorite furniture maker.

The bits and pieces we collected this trip. Amazing how they just seem to vanish when you put them in the dollhouse.

Tuesday, October 01, 2019


 The result of the hurricane remnants barreling in off the Atlantic.

Minutes later, down pours the rain.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

New Friends.

 Maggie and Boon Wah came for lunch,

before we took them to see our castle.  Boon Wah and I first meet in a Starbucks cafe in Singapore in January this year, a completely random encounter as he joined me to take up the only available seat in the place. Subsequently, we connect through FB, from which I saw a couple of days ago that he  was in Wales. Amazing how you can connect with fellow humans in more ways than one!!!

Sugar Loaf

 A day out to take full advantage of the Indian Summer we are currently experiencing.

 The views fabulous.

 Sugar Loaf, a National Trust area.

We had hoped to perhaps make the top, but will need another day and packed sustenance to get there. The views from the top must be amazing, going from the Cotswold's in the East and The Channel to the south.

St. Fagans

 A return visit after 30 + years and quite a few new buildings added to the museums collection.

 The shops are still shops.

But this farmer's cottage, a long house from 1470, just for exhibition.  The cattle and the farmer used the same entrance to access their respective accommodation - to the left cows, to the right humans.