Thursday, March 31, 2016

Conservatory Going Up

Chris and Wayne came over yesterday to dig and concrete the support pads for the conservatory base which was delivered this morning at 8-00am  by lorry from Bristol.

By 3-30 today the lads have put it up, cleaned up and left.  Amazing.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Book - Bonkers

Jennifer's autobiography.  Very amusing, of course,  and lively. Things to learn about French and Sunders, like Dawn and Jen were together from college days and where Joanna Lumley fits into their story. 3 on the doors for Bonkers. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The New Workshop

I know, there is work still to be done outside on the bungalow as can be seen through this window, but in spite of bright sunshine, the wind is bitingly cold man.  Me fingers were freezing up, couldn't hold anything.  The alternative?  Retire to the garage workshop and make some painting canvases for the artist in residence.  This time linen stretched on wooden frames.  Not as cold in here with a heater fan blowing hot air up my trouser legs.

Fiat No More

The fiat 500 I bought 11 years ago not long before we disappeared to Mongolia, now has a new home in Milton Keynes, sold to a father and son who are 500 enthusiasts. She will rise again, of that I am quite confident.

Friday, March 11, 2016

A Drive Out

 Heading north up to the head of the Rhymney valley,

and the last of the familiar terraced houses before

crossing the Heads of the Valleys road and up the snowy Beacons across to Brecon.

 On the way passing three lakes.

 Gek braving the cold to take in the view

 before dropping down into Brecon town.

The canal basin we will be visiting in summer, if we make it this far up the Mon & Brec.

Degas Dancers

Following a trip over to the Penylan garage, we prised open a seized small set of wooden drawers to discover Gek's coloured inks.  The new medium is ink, with Degas ballerinas the subjects.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Book - Whicker's War

I read this book back in Singapore.  I was a fan of Alan's travel documentaries.  Having now read about his experiences during the WWII Italian campaign, I understand where his laconic  and oft times insightful commentaries came from, always letting his subject or image do most of the talking.  4/5 on the door for Alan.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

The Planters have Arrived

Three, 3 x 6 foot  raised planter kits arrived yesterday for Gek to grow her veggie in.

Today built in place already. Specially installed for a short person in order that she  doesn't have to stoop to tend the plants.  Being on the north side of the bungalow the ground is shaded but with this arrangement the plants will be in the sunshine from the end of February to the middle of October.  Notice the 1000 kg of John Innes stacked on the path.  40, 25 kg bags I carried round from the drive. Cream crackered was I that night.  Also the apple and pear tree ready for planting.  Very reasonably priced from Lidl.

The sandy area is to be a new conservatory in which Gek can get on with her painting.  That is if she has any time left after taking care of her garden.  The build should be under way by the end of the month.  The design is quite ingenious with the supporting walls being made off site.  These and the floor are suspended on 6 piers in our case, dug into the ground.  Makes for a lot less mess and a quicker build. Neat.