Thursday, November 29, 2007

Snowed bronzes

The little lad on the Yak: the shiny bits on the Yak boy are from the countless kids who climb a back the yak and grab on to the boy from behind.

And the two lads wrestling on Tourist Street.

One of the Khan’s men

OK, I did a bit of work on them but they is so life like.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sukhbaatar Square Winter

A snow that could last till March. It is amazing how quickly the snow thickens on the ground. It falls so fine and yet carpets the ground in minutes. These pictures were taken from the northwest corner of the square.

Turning clockwise, looking southeast,

south southeast and

due south, looking down Chinggis Avenue towards the Tol river. Notice anything? ………. new buildings going up at all points of the compass. 9 towers cranes in the pictures with more off camera. Each building is taking a minimum of three years to complete because to the winter shut down. The guys and gals in the red safety coats are clearing the whole square of snow. The polished marble surface of the square is an absolute nightmare to walk on after a snow. A real bum bruiser.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Death on the Streets.

A homeless man lay dead outside my office window this morning.
- 20 deg C last night.
A blog to mark his passing.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Going Home

Photgrapher unknown from 2005
Standard winter wear. What do they remind you of?
Photgrapher unknown from 2005

And here with Snow White!
Photgrapher unknown from 2005
Trundle, trundle.


Photgraph by Gek
The trampoline is in the lads living quarter compound. A lot of practicing gets done.

Photgraph by Gek
Great fun too.

Kindergarten Class - Lotus

Photgraph by Gek
Cute or what? There are a couple of young ladies in Singapore I know will appreciate this photgraph!!!! I will do my best to keep the images coming.

Lotus Medals

Photgraph by Gek
The Lotus Kids took 30 medals from the Cultural Nadam!!! Yes thirty!

Photgraph by Gek
In all categories. Song, dance

Photgraph by Gek
and guitar. Congratulations to them all.

School Nadam Cultural Competition

Photgraph by Gek
Recently there was a cultural competition for UB school children. A sort of Cultural Nadam!!

Photgraph by Gek
Lotus kids contributed dance, song and musical instrument entries. The Lotus kids really distinguished themselves, performing with energy and totally without inhibition.

Photgraph by Gek
Lotus kids are fearless. Give them a microphone and an audience and off they go. Totally sweet.

Images from summer – Dadal Jockeys

Elegance on a horse. No side saddle for Mongolian women.

Dad and daughter.

I was going through the summer photo files and found some images that didn’t make the blog on the first time round.

Faces, I just love them.

These are from the Dadam Nadam Festival we visited.
The ring master and the tired little lads. 15-20 km of hard, cross country riding that kills the weakest horses. No hard hat and no saddle.