Sunday, January 13, 2019

Till the Next Time

A final lunch together before we are off back to Wales, at a Peranakan restaurant of course.

East Coast

Back in Singapore for a couple of nights staying in the east this time.

So many ships at anchor. Was told that the maritime dispute with neighboring Malaysia had the ships move to this side of the island (?)

But what ever, nothing stops the game.

Peranakan Alley

Around the corner from our hotel, Peranakan ville.

What to say? Striking.

Known here as a kopitiam (coffee shop) chair, bendwood chairs first came to Singapore in the 1930's from Poland of all places.

Original pattern on the seat.

And yes, a Made in Poland sticker on the base.

The Goodbyes

Bye to the car, Alice and Mary-Ann.


 Across the Second Bridge

 to visit the famous Rain Trees.  There was a bit of a storm last January that did for a couple of trees.  But they some how survived.

 A beautiful and peace full place.

 With the recent rains, the water level was very high, much higher than on our last visit.

 We just had to visit the Antong coffee mill, the source of our favourite ground coffee whilst living in Penang.

 Still the same old mills

A cup that size would definitely make you head spin.

New Year Day 2019

A day's plan abandoned.  We had intended to take the jeep up Penang Hill from the Botanical Gardens  but the queue to enter the car park was backed up to the traffic lights, well over 1 km. So we turned and headed for the E&O hotel for a refreshing drink and the peace and quiet following which we dropped Alice and Mary-Ann off at Queensbay Mall for an afternoons shopping spree.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Balik Pulau

The view across Balik Pulau from Anjung Indah.

Actually, we were here due to a wrong turn but which for Gek and Mary-Ann, turned out to be a right turn. Durian. Alice and I left them to enjoy, only suffering when we had to let them back into the car. Terrible, lingering stink the fruit has.

A favourite house passed on the way to

Gurney drive.

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Genting Hill

Day two: we called on the way to GH at the Gertak Sunggul beach,

for a photo opportunity

 before a lunch on the Hill

 in the company of  venomous Wagler's pit vipers in the rafters.

and the quirky displays still in place.

But in truth, a perfect place to relax and reflect.

Suffolk House.

Having picked up the hire car, afternoon high tea at the House


 And awaiting our Kway Teow

One duck egg and one chicken egg. As good as was.

And so on to Penang

First morning, a walk across the newly completed SPICE on our way to the bus stop.

A rooftop garden with Relau Indah condo peeping above the roof.

And framed by it. What a change over the last three years.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Peranakan Gallery Visit

So, we meet again.  The museum guys and gals have done an excellent job on refurbishing the model with a super cabinet to display it in complete with spot lights.  It did feel strange to be with something I had made in such place,

 given that the terminal has a Peranakan theme with full scale shophouse style fronts modeled in the main departure area with real shops on the ground floor some more.

I am amazed that the museum considered the model exhibitable given the location. What to say but thank you.