Friday, May 02, 2008

Guangzhou Old Trolley Bus

Found in Yeuxiu park, what looks like a 1950’s articulated trolley bus!!

In need of a bit of TLC, but essentially complete
Guangzhou still has an extensive trolley bus net running through out the city

This circular plate that allows the body to articulate has four seats fixed to it. Must be a fun ride on those.

Guangzhou to Kunming

Stone Forest

We travelled by train from Kunming to Guangzhou. A journey taking exactly 24 hours. We left Kunming on the dot and arrived in Guangzhou on the dot. Impressive. The sleeping arrangements are 6 to an open cubic. Lights off 10pm, wake up music on at 7 am. The carriage attended clocked that I looked ancient and I was given a Chinese knot emblem over my cot to signify the fact!!! Well, she said I was to be recognised as a special customer and wrote my details up in a ledger. Smart.

Kunming at 2000 mtrs is 500 mtrs higher than Ulaanbaatar. The train journey east to Guangzhou on the coast passes through the stone forest, a huge area of weird upright limestone structures. Sorry, shots from the train were not easy. Missed a whole load to impressive deep cut valleys etc. Bummer. Oh well, next time.

Yeu Xiu park

Walking through the main entrance you are confronted with this mass of impossibly brightly coloured flowers.

After winter in Mongolia, a massive contrast.

Subtropical green from

artic white.

Guangzhou - Goat City

Guangzhou was given its prosperity by 5 fairies who arrived on 5 goats. The fairies gift of 5 corn plants to the people living here led to the boom times you can find here today. I am only repeating what it said in the museum!!!! Honest.


Unfortunately our day in Guangzhou was very misty. The city straddles the Pearl River and has lots of water ways. But with only one day, we didn’t have time to do the place photographic justice. All the four Chinese cities we have visited are high rise metropolises. The taxis system in all four cities are best I have ever used. All metered and you get a receipt without having to ask. Some even have GPS navigation fitted!!! A new index of a countries stage of development could be the taxi discipline!!! My view of China has changed considerably. Urban China at least has arrived as a 21st century economic power. Some European countries need to wake up and smell the coffee.