Wednesday, March 29, 2017

University of Birmingham

Spring was sprung on the campus.

Even though I have spend six of my years at UoB,  I do not recall ever going upstairs in the Barber to view the art there.  Free concerts in the small theatre of a lunch time, yes, but never the gallery.

 No mater, better late than never.

More of the masters for Gek to copy.

To round off a brilliant weekend, lunch with Mary-Ann.  Old Joe, ever present.

With Diane

Whilst at the NEC, we had the chance to spend our evenings with Diane, a friend of Gek's from her time as a student at the LSE.  Diane traveled to Birmingham just to see us, which was much appreciated.

Miniatura at the NEC

Our fourth miniature fair in six months and our second visit to Birmingham.

A new neighbour,  John Paine,  who makes decorative mouldings.

Turner and friends on display.

 A brief chat with Peter who I first met over 25 years ago.

 Julie and her partner we first met at the first Miniatura six months ago,

  and Gary who was next door to us at the Tower Totel Fair in February.

Book Binding

 I have been writing my 'A Granddad's Stories' for over four and a half years now.  And I, with help from Gek, am still correcting my bad English and even finding missing words in the text.  Perhaps I should have stayed with photographs.

Not being confident that we will every draw a line under this project, I have decided to go for broke and do the binding now, a process I quite enjoyed. The grandchildren will have to put up with my crappy English. Sorry guys. Never knew you could sand paper paper.

Swansea Visit

 We opted to drive the Heads of the Valleys Road to Swansea via the Roman Road from Geligar, giving us this clear view north towards the Beacons.

 The Vivian has a collection of all-sorts, from marble sculptures

to the earliest of photographs. Tenby's St. Catherine's Island from over 140 years ago.

 Also on display something a little more modern.

And this is the guy who did the collecting.  He went everywhere.