Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blue Christmas

Christmas arrived early at Lotus in the form of four Blue Father Christmases and one Blue Mother Christmas. The Santas were Mongolian celebrities from the TV and a Mongolian rock star. Awesome for the kids!!!!!

Loads of presents of course.

and a big, chaotic group picture.
So where is your beard then?”

Friday, December 07, 2007

A visit to Lotus

Two of weeks ago we went with a couple of VSO and Australian Youth Ambassadors to Lotus. The children are mad for the camera, never getting bored of having their photographs taken.

Pic by Sophie
Gek and Urgalmal,

Pic by ??
Sophie and Urgamal, again!!!! The girl is everywhere!!!

Pic by Sophie
Steve and a couple of kids in the kinder garden.

Pic by Sophie
The little lad was at my feet wanted to be picked up. I guess he wanted to see how the world looked from higher up!!!

Lotus Upper Primary Art Competition

Organised by Gek, the competition’s theme was the environment

Batzaya, special mention for artistic merit.

Uuganaa, first prize in age group.

And the two artist at work, Batzaya on the left and Uuganaa on the right.

Lotus Lower Primary Art Competition

The theme was the Terelj summer camp

Baasandorg, first prize in age group.

Urgamal, special mention for artistic merit.