Friday, April 19, 2019

And so on to the Garden

Having replaced the bath with a walk in shower, completely refit the kitchen and created a 'third bed' room, it was the turn of the garden to have some attention. New turf for the lawn area, some new bushes for the road side wall and a new border of heather along by the window. All done with great attention to detail by our new friend, Colin

The back patio has seen  additional planters set up,

20 strawberry plants  prepared

and Marguerite Daisies for a bit of height viewed from the apple tree with tens of flowers itching to bloom.  Our outside room, now that the sun is with us again.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

RHS Show, Cardiff

First day, an hour after opening.  Very busy.

A favourite from the day's search, Grey Day.

But, no, not today, the sun was out. This little chap was busy picking the flowers, until mum intervened.

Monday, April 08, 2019

Bay Art

A 'Paper Exchange' between Welsh and China artist, rice paper for the home artists to use and printed stuff for the Chinese artists to use....... in what ever way they wanted to.

Grace's work struck a cord. She struggled to learn English which she needed to master in order to gain a place on a post-grad course. She expresses her struggle with a brick wall on the left and birds on a wire with all their beaks tied shut.

Here, on the left, Dylan Thomas's poem, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, written in Chinese script.  An interesting show.

Monday, April 01, 2019

Kitchen Remodeling.

Let the fun begin.

What a mess I am making.  But, but wall cupboard already up.

 And started the tiling soon after.

Finishing touches still to do, but is now a functioning kitchen after a couple of weeks fun.

We found we had been too ambitious in the planned down-sizing of our kitchen ware, hence the additional cupboards where the breakfast table was meant to be.  Bit tight it would have been for a table anyway, I guess

For completeness, the kitchen sink.  Thank you B and Q.

Hanbury Hall

 A Queen Anne era house just outside Droitwich.

 We stopped here for lunch on the drive back to home after our FUA/Miniatura visits.

This place will now be our replacement service station stop for our trips up north.

 The gardens are something else, immaculate they are.

 Period furniture in the house are begging to be copied in miniature. Love this table.

And the opportunity on ideas for the detail taken. Back to modelling soon!!!!  Can't wait.

THE Visit

 And here she is, 30 years later and having a make-over. And what a ab fab job the guys are doing. FUA is going to come out of this refurb as a one unique motor car.

Of course, with the special delivery made, Morganeers always have something to chin-wag  about.

The obligatory pose.  Thanks to David, Martyn, Isabel, Vicki and daughter Daisy for a cracking day up north  to enjoy thier brilliant hospitality. For certain, a day to be remembered.  A planned return in the Autumn for another look see agreed.