Sunday, July 16, 2006

Departure Date

Friday, 18th August.

Gek had a successful VSO assessment day on Tuesday and we are now both set to be volunteers in UB, although the details of Gek's placement have still to be worked out. But the main thing is, we are going to be together!!! How cool is that???

Time is now being spent sorting out our things for storage, getting the bungalow ready to renting, making plans for Gek's training days in Harbourne and visiting friends and relatives before we leave the island. This is so exciting, I cannot begin to put it into words. We have contacted quite a few people we now know are connected in some way with Mongolia and gained a lot of information on accommodation and what things to take and what to buy in country. Thanks to you all, know who you are!!!!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Morgan Revisited

Following Gek's tour of Eastern Europe, we have had a hectic week traveling up and down the country doing a general "sort out " of things. One "must do" was to visit the Staffordshire Morgan Car Club centre's gymkanna event in Stoke on Trent.

Janet and I started the Staffs. Mog. Centre 20 years ago this year. I will not be in the country for the official celebrations in September, but the members presented me with an all weather coat and woolly hat with "Morgans over Mongolia" on it!!! Thanks guys, it was really appreciated. Who knows, there may be Mogs. in Mon.

Of course, this was the first meeting between Gek and the Morgan, and although I cannot say it was love at first sight, it did bring a grin to her face. Particularly strongly when Bob kindly let me drive us round the field in his beautiful +8. The smell, engine sound and the feel of the Mog was overwhelming. It all can flooding back, ........How can you love a car so much???