Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Barrenjeoy, Palm Beach

A drive out of the city to the Boat House

before a stroll 350 feet up

to the lighthouse.

Sea on the left, bay on the right.

 Perch with a view

 Waiting for the oldies to catch up,

 before a stroll back along the beach.

 Arty 1.

Arty 2.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

La Perouse

 Named after a French navigator, the peninsular confronts the entrance to Botany Bay where you know who visited in 1770.

 Bare Island and causeway.

 Pacific rollers crashing over the rocks,

 of soft sand stone.

The quieter bay side of the island

Monday, November 26, 2018

With Pam and Rob

 Looks familiar?

To the meeting place to visit the David Goldblatt's photograph exhibition, after coffee and chat, of course..  David Goldblatt for a link.  No justice could be done by clicking here and there.

 Then on to the botanical gardens for a stroll,

 past things not so organic,

 before lunch.

Next stop the library where Dali selfie captured,

down to the front for photo opp,

before moving on to Circular Quay

for the Manly ferry to catch

and dinner on the front.  An absolutely brilliant day with old friends.  Rob, where the heck are you?

Polly and Paul's Day Begins

 First, a meet up at the Blues Point Hotel

before moving down to Blues Point for the wedding ceremony. We were first down there together with the 'registrar'. What a memory creator.  Fantasy setting.

 First to do, the exchange of vows and rings, Polly's being her Mum's,

followed by the cert signing.  Carl and I are holding down the papers and the registrar is braced against the whistling wind.

 The group photo, 14 from the UK over for the event.

Mr and Mrs P Gibson.

Wedding Dinner Afloat

A time to relax.

Gek reunited with her flavourite brew, Little Creatures.

Off to Chowder Bay to anchor for a barbie.

 Passing ships in the twilight.

 A boat similar to ours with a moon rising.

Dylan, our brilliant  cook.

Thanks you, thank you, Mr. and Mrs. P & P.

What an extraordinary day in every possible way.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


 Birds of paradise passed on the way.

 Almost a Welsh style roof.

Arty bus stop, artily photoed.

Now who does this remind us of? Oh yes, Richard, although his turf is just a shade greener than this square.

The Entrance to View

An elevated walk up to the top of the head from the beach.

With a rest bite needed.

The open sea. Next stop Chile, or is it Peru, with just Auckland  in between.

The Manly ferry which we will be taking on Saturday.

Ocean going yacht arriving.  A reminder of Scallywag in Cardiff bay.

Day at Balmoral

The Boat House for Brunch

Awaiting their turn. 

Order what?

The quiet side.

Braving the waters.