Saturday, May 19, 2018

The House at Changi

Alice and Mary-Ann in transit at Changi, off for a short break.

Thank you both for the house photos. Looks in very good nick.  The Peanakan Museum guys done a good job on the refurb.

A Day out in Cardiff

 A first visit to the wetlands in Cardiff Bay, a bit of bird spotting to do.

The Mallard Guard, they will not pass.

A grebe, crested, I think.. 

After the spot the bird walk, over to the Millennium Centre for an unusual concert but not before clocking this guy on the wall.  The apparent fire was caused by the spot lamp/sun combination giving him light.  Is the Welsh Dragon a he? Could well be a she.

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales has it's very own recording /broadcasting come concert hall in the Centre, The Hoddinott Hall.  The performance we listened to was part of the Vale of Glamorgan Festival for which the classical concerts feature only the works of living composers. This can throw up some most unlikely combination of performers.  For us, a Frenchman Alexandre Bloch conducting a Welsh orchestra  in a piece by a gentleman from China, Qigang Chen. Oh, and a Welsh choir for sake of completeness.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

First Crack

Well, it seems that I have been making model buildings for longer than I thought. Brother Mark and I were into construction from very young, as evidenced by this pic he sent me recently.  These we made for our model railway.