Sunday, April 26, 2009


Gek has been busy too. A hand sewn quilt.....600 over pieces!!! Very pretty it is too.

Funny Fellow

Think I made it a bit big??? Fitting the roof has always been a challenge for me. No matter how carefully I work out the roof panel sizes and how much care I take in cutting them out, IT NEVER FITS PROPERLY!!!! So frustrating.

Anyway, after several hours of faffing about, got a result. Well a fit that can be patched.

I also put the missing pieces into the base and when brought together the two halves of the house line up to with in less than 1mm over 900mm. Impressive hey??? Well that is down to the very skillful gentleman at the wood yard who so carefully cut all the plywood pieces for me. He will definitely get contracted to do the cut outs for the next house.....a Black and White, still in the design stage.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SAM's Wu Guanzhong Collection

Wu Guanzhong
Born in 1919, this remarkable man lived through China's modern history as a artist. Check this link for a bit of his history.

He works in oils with his later paintings being a fusion of oils and ink.

Households in Hainan
Chinese, but somehow different.

and Cranes in Dance
are amongst my favorites but to be honest I liked all 130 paintings in the collection!!!! Follow this link to see more.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Leaving Penang

A new Five Star bus. Our transport back to Singapore.

Fully reclining seats with massage option, three modes, personal video and games and an in ride magazine. Comfy!!!

Approaching Penang Bridge. The carriageway is being widened to three lanes. Work is very nearly finished. Gets very busy.

And the view back looking to Relau where we stay. Ta ta till next month!!!!