Sunday, September 28, 2008

Turn 13

Toro Rosso. Towards the end of the practice session at Turn 13. Even with the track lights, the camera did not work as well as in the day light.

Parting shot of a Alonso's Renault, the winner of the Singapore GP.

Walk back

Serious business this F1 stuff. Or perhaps it is because everyone is ear plugged.

Big screens around the place kept you up to date of happenings. In fact, with ear plugs all you could hear was the commentary and the whine of the car engines.
Of course we brought F 500 to meet F1.
The track lights did not have the glare you might have expected. The Italian company responsible did a brilliant job.
and the night view towards the posh hotel district was outstanding, as usual.

Turn 14

We caught the opening of the 3rd practice session on the inside of turn 14. We were about 2 mtrs from the track, and actually too close to the cars to get easy pictures. Excuses, excuses!!!!

Under the lights the cars looked amazing. Almost like toys.

All Shiney and bright.

I hadn't realised how low down in the car the drivers sat.

I need Karim to identify the cars for me. Apart from Alonso's, I have failed identify the teams never mind the drivers!!!

Turn 13

Bit of a puzzle why the '50' sign was facing the wrong way.

Turn 13 was expected to be a bit of a handful, coming at it off a slight right curve and then switch sharp left through about 120 deg. But nobody came to grief whilst we were there.

Singapore F1 Qualifying Day.

We had tickets for the Saturday qualifying session. The first Singapore F1 GP and the first ever GP run under lights. And we were here!!! We arrived through Gate 6 at about 5:30 pm, no queue at all, magic. The view cross Marine bay was amazing. The big grand stand can be seen on the left of picture.

Some dude was tootling around with his flash boat, looked great with the Singapore Flyer as a back drop. Tickets were available for the Flyer but a bit out of our pocket I'm afraid.

Gate 6 is at the end of the Esplanade, Anderson Bridge end, at Turn 13. The bridge is the narrowest part of the circuit at 8 mts. The rest of the circuit is surprisingly wide.
As we arrived the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia qualifying session got under way. Gave me a chance to practice shooting fast moving cars. Not, easy to get a clear image. Apart from the safety barrier wire mesh being the object of the camera's auto-focus, keep the camera still and the car has exited the frame before you have pressed the shutter.
Head on, as these cars are, is less of a problem. To get an idea of the cars speeds, these three shots were taken in less than 1 second. Fast.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Boy, it was a joy to be home again. A peaceful haven. Just before we left for the UK we took delivery of our new furniture and, best of all, we had a much needed ceiling fan installed. Air-con units are not exactly eco-friendly so we spent quite a bit on a industrial strength fan!!! It is joy to lounge on the sofa under the fan with a good book, cool drink to hand on the little coffee table and occasionally look out the window for a view over tropical rain forest. Magic. The bare walls are now waiting to take Gek's new art work.

Love our dinning set too. Spotted the Fiat?

We have a Fiat 500 sitting in our garage in Wales. In pieces, of course, waiting for our return to the UK for a complete rebuild. On our recent visit to Wales, our friend Doug made a present to us of this tiny model. Sharp eyes will see this little chap again!!!


Chartwell, Winston Churchill's home. And it is home.

On the day we visited the house, there were special events on to mark the 100 years since Winston married Clementine and on display was this rather splendid old Ford automobile. If you think it looks very much like a boat, that is because the body started life as a boat build but got converted to a car before it could reach the water.

Of great interest to Gek was the art studio that Winston had set up in one of the out houses. Loads of his paintings are on display there. You come away from a visit to Chartwell amazed at the man's breath of interests and the energy he must have had to keep up with them all. You cannot help but be inspired to 'get on with it' yourself. Visit


Neat composition Richard!!!!!

Wide sky's and pebble beach.

A rare fine day by all accounts. Beautiful blues in sea and sky

My first bitter shandy for god knows how long. Tasty.

Getting in was a lot easier than getting out!!!!! Nearly became a new permanent beach attraction.

Whitstable is still a working fishing port. I particularly enjoyed a pint of cockles. That is a lot of cockles!!!


Next port of call, Ruth and Richard's place. My friend's for over 40 years. Another cool place to stay.


Gek's friend for over 40 years, Yin Yoke, invited us to stay at her place in Catalonia. We had a much welcomed relaxing week. Lounging around reading and taking the odd walk. And with the wonderful home cooking, we were loathed to leave!!!

Nature in Art

At Wallsworth Hall, near Twigworth in Gloustershire.

The main house houses paintings and conventional sculptures,

but the grounds are littered with these metal works.

most of them are made up of scrap iron from horse shoes to petrol engine parts.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Looking smug with a cream tea.

Cardiff Bay

The gathering dusk.

Good place to spend an evening, as long as it isn't raining!!!!

Wedding and VSO reunion.

All the usual suspects. Scotish, Canadian, English, Singaporean, Welsh, ex-Finnish and Irish. A great event. Luxury cruiser on stand by. Congratulations to the newly weds. Note the shawls. Must be a new fashion.


Just the same old Chatsworth. Always worth a visit.

A quirky 'Squirting Tree' in the huge rock garden. Strange chap in the background.

The 'House' was setting up an out door sculpture exhibition in the grounds,

including this over sized baby. Where is his nappy?