Saturday, January 15, 2011

Carrefour and Curried Prawns.

A first visit to Carrefour on the mainland. Bloody enormous. Chris and Ranu invited us to  join them on the foray.   The store has only just finished with Christmas and the New Year and another New Year looms.  And more annoying musac.

And then on to Kampung Tanjung Berembang for a second visit to the curry prawn coffee shop. Coffee shop doesn't look much but it seems to have a big following for it's curry. There isn't even a sign outside the coffee shop of any kind but they have label on Google Map. Amazing. Search on Google Map for Nibong Tebal Curry Prawn. 

Whopper isn't it????  But not this big on this trip, only medium prawns this time but still much bigger than your average prawn. 

The coffee shop  is next to the  Sungai Kerian. Sungai means river and Kerian is an administrative district in Perak, Malaysia   The river forms part of the border with Penang State.    A prawn is udang in Malay, by the way.  I have an English/ Bahasa Malaysia dictionary now.  So good place for the river police to have a station.  Nip over for lunch then out on patrol.

As Chris commented,  that looks like fun.  Two large outboards on your transom!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Film - Little Fockers

Why does Hollywood thing it appropriate to film a looooong fist fight at a child's birthday party?  Best guess is that they all turned up to the shoot one day and thought "This film needs something to spice it up.  It is going nowhere.  I know lets have dad and grandad punch the living daylights out of each other".  Not even going to score this one.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Relau Indah nights.

 Dinner on the balcony with the setting sun.

 The street comes alive after dark.

Food to enjoy on the street.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Film - The Tourist

What ever the critics may have said,  I enjoyed this film.  Very entertaining.  I loved the Scotland Yard inspector who was trying so hard to be a Sherlock Holmes and was so not.  Score of 4 on the door because a packed, Wednesday afternoon theatre of Malaysians laughed a lot!!!!!