Monday, October 19, 2009

Film - Julie & Julia.

Funny, very funny. But it is two films. For more on Julia Child, Click. or Julie Powell, Click. So it has to be a split score. For Julie, 3/5 and for Julia, 4/5. What can I say, Meryl.......I am a fan!!!!

Anthony Poon

Poon, a Singaporean painter and sculpture. For more information on the man, click here.

SAM has an exhibition of his work, both abstract paintings and some of the models of his public space sculptures.

His works are very fresh and free.

His works can be found all over Singapore. I first noticed his sculpture at the top of Orchard Road. Note to self...get a photo!!!

Also liked his 3D canvases.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Photo credits to Gek.
4 hour boat trip around the mangroves on the north east of the island.  60% salt / 40% fresh water.  Home to crocodiles amongst others. 

Mandatory feeding of the fishes.  Tried to get them to jump for their lunch but no luck.

Ours was the last boat through before the rising tide makes the passage impossible.   Stories of boats getting stuck.....etc.

Brahminy Kite, the local indian name for which forms Langkawi's island  name.  To see several tens of these lovely birds swooping for chicken bits was a little disturbing....not right.

And a Crab Eating Macaque eating Warburton's finest was a little amiss too. Watch your waistline boy.  Good swimmer.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Spectacled Langur

One of our many neighbours. Very cute in more ways than one!!! And with an extremely long tail.

Other chaps' tails seemed to be fair game. Go pull it and then have a mock fight. Size and age no object. I watched these guys for ages. Falling out of a tree from a great height is not a problem. Bones of rubber.


Local budget airline, Firefly, now link Penang and Langkawi. Only 30 mins or so in a twin prop plane.

Spoilt our selves with resort accommodation.
with great front garden!!!

Morning visitors and,

evening sunsets a short drive away.