Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chingay - The Floats

Don't know.

Toy Town, I guess.

The odd couple.

Fire Breathing Dragons, but not where I was standing.

No Idea what this was supposed to be.

But carried some strange characters.

Those thieving ants. Thank goodness they are not that big on the planet!!!

There has to be pirates!!!

The crew were very cute.

Chingay - The Art of Masquarade.

Lion and Dragon.

The annual parade was led by the Lion. Had to be.

Quite scary, but wait for the Dragons!!!

The Straw Dragon. First you see a twisting whirling body as he tries to catch the ball.

suddenly he is in your face!!!!

Next up is the Paper Dragon. Such energy in this guy!!!!

And the most scary of all!!! Never did get the ball.

Film - Red Cliff I and II

Part 1

We saw part I at the end of last year. Must admit, we were ignorant of the fact this was only part of the work. Film ended after 150 mins with a "To be Continued". Shock horror. All that blood spilt and still no end in sight!!! Most of the film seemed to be like the beginning of 'Saving Private Ryan' but set in China about .........years ago. Unfortunately the Singapore censor saw fit to take out the love scenes, keeping in all the blood and gore. Go figure!!!! Star rating 3 at a push.

Part 2.

Well, much the same as Part I in the end. The attempts to lighten the film seemed incongruous to me, trivialising the suffering. Slaughter is still slaughter. Not a Hero. Sorry Mr. Woo, a crashing 1.5 rating.

Film - The Reader.

Very America film. Great story, trying to understand moral responsibility. Always the question....."What would you have done?" The drama would have benefited from a few less sign posts but still a good 3.5 star rating.

Twilight on the River

The poster advertising 'Neither East nor West'. Very appropriately placed!!!!!

When I was first here in the 80's, this river basin was choked with lighters called bum boats. They serviced the off shore ships with water and food. Now tourist take in food and water on the river's banks.

The old and the very new. Both are part of the future here.

The business district. So grown up now, Singapore.

And finally the Fullerton Six Star Hotel. We ended the evening here with coffee and tiramasu taken on the river terrace. Well you have to just once in a while, don't you?!!!

Gek had something a little more interesting. Pear William and a Fulerton Green. The menu classed it as a "British Dessert"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A real Madagascar

Sitting 23 floors up, my peace was shattered by a terrible squawking.

Cockatoos!!!! Not a bird watcher but I sensed that this is not normal. Cockatoos shouldn't be here in Singapore.

Took a second look but they were still cockatoos, three of them having a good old row!!! Turns out they are feral birds, presumably escapes aka Madagascar. They are Tanimbar Corell.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Last piece.

Finally we collected Chen Shi Jin painting which Gek bought from him some years ago. Called 'Blossom'. Gek studied Chinese painting under Mr. Chen for some time.

It is lovely and adds to the calm of our main room.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Penang Flat Refurbish - Lamps

A magic lantern. We came across a young couple selling DIY lanterns from a mall stall. They are put together from identically shaped plastic pieces. Alternative colours and designs can be used to make up your own unique lantern. Neat.

Penang Flat Refurbish - Living Room

Before. The kitchen area has been cleared and repainted with the rest of the room.

A very red sofa....akin to Dali lips sofa bocca. Our very first piece of furniture. Well we are make-overing the flat as an art show place!!! Red is the new brown!!!!

In the evening, up the ends and you have a day bed,

in the night, completely flat and you have a night bed!!!

Penang Flat Refurbish - Shower room

Before. Grotty doesn't really cover it. Bl....y revolting comes close!!!

After a few dollars and the excellent skills of Mr Lai and Mr Then.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Flim - The Alps at IMax

Visit to watch the film at the Omni Theatre in the Science Centre. Massive, put you in the picture screen.

Extra bonus was the accompanying music by Queen. Stunning. Didn't feel sick once. You were advised to close your eyes if you did. Question: who was looking out for the cameraman?

Monday, January 05, 2009

Film - The Duchess

The Duchess

I began reading Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman a few years back now, but never really got in to it. I guess this film took some of the densely packed info in the book and found a story. Good story too. Sex and the British aristocracy.....again!!!!! OK, give 3.5. did enjoy it. The BBC and a few country houses...... you would have to be a real kluts to mess it up.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Clear Day

Today has been an unusually clear day. Very little atmosphere haze. Our view towards Gunung Pulai, Malaysia.

And Little Guilin Park below our window. Our room with a view.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Strange Plant

Very strange. Found in the local market. The shopkeeper called it a Jade Goddess.