Friday, February 16, 2018

Cinque Terre - Vernazza to Corniglia Walk

Arriving by train with a visit first to the harbour,

we took the first steps on a 700+ feet climb towards Corniglia,

taking in a classic view of a 'five' town.

Well on the way and a smile.

Then yet more steps,

till at last after over an hour and a half, we spied our goal. Well just about.

 Closer now

and ready for a coffee and ham butty,

before descending the 33 flights of 382 steps down to the railway station and home, cream crackered but very pleased with our selves were we.

Porto Venere

Another sleepy place in winter

The climb up to St. Peter's church.

 Passing Byron's Groto, the place where he gained some of his poetic inspiration.

St Peter on the point.

And the view behind the town towards the snowy Apuan Alps.  It was pretty cold this day by the sea, never mind at 6000 over feet.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

One for Polly


Another town we used to visit quite often.

And yet again, the favourite cafe was closed. Well never mind, since it was Valentine's Day we treated ourselves to posh nosh at a Ristorante.

 Andy Warhol here in town?

Not our cup of coffee, so we crossed the square and trained it back to La Spezia for a gelato.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

San Terenzo.

A walk over to San Terenzo.

A cutie parked outside,

our stop for an americano sat in the warming sun.

Over to Lerici

 Not by my favourite means of transport, the trolley bus, unfortunately

 The castle in the sunshine.

And a clear view of the horizon on this visit.

Some interesting home on the hills.

La Spezia Art Museum

 Titian - Portrait of a Man, Venice 1576

Turner - East Ligurian Coast.

La Spezia, Marketing

First order of the  day, visit the local market for supplies via an orange tree lining avenue. Every street seems to be lined with fruiting orange trees.

 A fish market to envy. So many stalls and so many fish types to choose from.

On the opposite side, fruit and veg.  Sorted.

Milan Station

The way to the trains.


and supper fast.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Miniaturitalia, 2018

Our stall just before opening time.

As last year, our neighbour was the lady making artist's materials, paint brushes, tubes of paint etc.

Milan, The Nouvocento Art Museum

 A gallery with only 20th century art.  With a quirky entrance.

 A high view of the Duomo from where Mussolini used to 'harangue' the crowds in the square below.

Our favourite work by Antonio Donghi's, Margherita (1936)

This lady was enjoying the art, honest. A little tired my be?

Thursday, February 08, 2018


We took the No. 9 tram,

to a eatery we know,

by the canal.

 After a rather nice lunch, boarded another tram, the No. 10, to the home of the last supper.

Rock and Roll at the door.

Wandering around, opened a different door onto marble floor art by Bobo Piccoli.