Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kusu Island

Another nostalgic trip for me. Brought the kids here when they were little. We had the place to ourselves this time, it being a week day.

Snapped by Ruth with the Turtle temple behind us. Legend has it that a turtle rescued ship wrecked sailors and landed them on the island.

Mount Faber

In the three year I spent here in the 1980's, I never visited Faber hill. It isn't even in the guide books we have. But it a great place to see the city scape.

Singapore pockets of green are being progressively joined together by walk ways.

This one is between Faber and Telok Blangah Hill. Just don't look down between the walk way boards. Turns your tummy.

River Cruise.

Up the Singapore River, a little way.

Coming across this sculpture after a couple of beers of an evening could be a bit alarming.

A basin view of the Esplanade Theatre complex.


Our young friend has recently moved to Singapore on a month or two's contract. Serviced apartments just off Orchard Road. Nice work my friend.

Raffles Hotel....again

The front door. It is just so classy

On the outside walls of the theatre are a series of lovely paintings. Humorous

and evocative of times past.

There will always be time for afternoon tea.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jonker Nights - Melaka.

Very quiet but some bars and cafes open.

Mosque and temples - Melaka

In the Junker's area a Hindu Temple, a Mosque and a Buddhist Temple line up on one side of the street.

The Buddhist temple was the most welcoming to gawkers like us.

A'Famosa and St. Paul's Church - Melaka.

Apart from the hill at the centre, this gate is all that is left of Alfonso d'Albuquerque's 1511 fort. And this is only here because our friend Raffles intervened to halt the demolition.

St Paul's Church, 1521, is not in any better a state. But it is quite extraordinary to walk on European tomb slabs in the floor of the nave. The Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, English and Japanese have held this place. A light house in front of a church, neat.

Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock - Melaka

Chinese Clan house, some very ornate. This was the street of the rich Peranakan Chinese in Melaka.

Could explain why they got away with blocking the ends of their five foot ways.

The Peranakan museum. It is housed in the three houses that were jointly occupied by one extended family. Has the feel of house still lived in...as if the family has just popped out for dinner.

River Cruise - Melaka

A very relaxing cruise on the river. We turned up early for the 5 pm cruise to find it cancelled. Well, OK, lets uncancelled it and "shall we go now?" So we pushed off at 4.45 pm. Very Malay I have to say. Very refreshing.

A replica of the first type of Portuguese boat to get here in 1500 and something. Cheng Ho the eunuch Chinese Admiral got here some 300 year before that with junks more than twice the size of this bath tub toy but, hey........... who cares???? Extraordinarily, these junks may have used ply wood principles in the construction of thier hulls. That is truely amazing.

St. Francis Xavier's Church, 1849, and yes it has a lean to rival Pisa's tower but much scarier...the whole building is off plumb..

As part of the town's development the river banks now have a new walk way. How different it looks from 24 years ago. Muddy banks all gone. The river has also been dammed at its mouth and is no longer tidal. But it is less smelly.

To end with the start of the cruise in the newly formed basin.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Puri Hotel - Melaka (Malacca)

Lovely place. The front part of the hotel has been partly restored to a Paranakan style with the back extension very modern

Very cooling garden between the blocks,

and a fabulous place for breakfast. At 25++ quid including buffet breakfast we could be coming again.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bagpipes in China Town

A remarkable sight and sound, come to that, for Singapore.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Straits house progress.

Slowly, slowly.

The upper floor is complete with about half the ground floor tiling laid.

Stored all the finds in one room more or less. Doesn't look very much but has taken a lot of energy to find even this small amount!!
The back yard is builders yard. Made 250 tiles so far.

Black and White.

A posh lunch at Flutes at fort Canning. Nearly $50 each!!!! But very, very nice. Not up to the standard of Veranda in UB, but close enough. The eatery is housed in an old "Black and White" colonial bungalow. Ideal for twelfth scale me thinks. Nice lamps too.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Film - Rachel Getting Married.

Too small a story for the big screen. Play for Today on TV would have been better. About taking responsiblity, sins of the fathers etc.......or in this case mother. Dark. Liked the last scene, walking from the darkness to the light. But the hand held camera drives you crazy. Reluctant 3.5. The lady seated next to me was weeping.

Chinese Festival - Drummers.

The first week of February is the Chinese festival with all sorts of happenings, including these drummers.

Free show too. The 'Chinese Opera meets Animation' show we had just seen was a bit weird. A confusion of neo-western modern classical music and Chinese instruments illustrated with screened animations. I found myself either watching the screen OR listening to the music. One sense at a time!!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Chingay - Looking at me, for the last time.

Flushed in pink.

Cheeky space cadets.

There is always one isn't there????!!!!

Chingay - Looking at me, again.

Just for balance.

Much better.

Chingay - Looking at Me.

Love faces. I don't know if it was where I was standing or what, but the masqueraders begged me to take their photograph!!! Honest.

Even the Guys.

BUT, guys are not as gourgous as gals. Has to be said.

No contest,

you must agree!!!!

Chingay -Dancers

A number of dancers from different counties but I was particularly taken by these ladies from Korea. Very energetic.

Chingay - Characters.

Star Trek?

Clearly a baddie!!

Neighbouring countries were well represented,

though I don't know where he comes from but it is the year of the ox.