Sunday, September 09, 2018


One thing is for sure, the weather here is rather changeable.   The previous night was also clear of clouds and we saw a white heaven background to so many twinkling stars, first since our Mongolian days.

Looking towards Portree with the Old Man of Storr just about visible?

Glenbrittle's lava sand beach.

Ok, there he is!!! Portree next stop. 

Over to Skye

You cannot be stopping every few minutes to pictures take.

But some places demand it.  Eilean Castle at Dornie was one such place.  John Macrae-Gilstap bought and started the rebuild of the ruined castle in 1911, completing the job in 1932.  Good job well done.

Glen Coe

Getting into the Highlands inevitable involves getting into the clouds. But to good photographic effect.

Approaching the Glen.

 A picture stop in the Glen with quite a few others.  I have been this way at least twice before, with Mum and Dad in the late 50s and with friends in the mid 70's.

Both times we had the place to ourselves. Well, these days sometimes you have to become a tourist, as opposed to a traveler!!!!!

Loch Leven. Not far to our over nighter at Inchree.

The Leaving the City

Up bumped we got, a Merc automatic.  Suits you Gek.

Leaving Glasgow on it's city centre M8 motorway, we drove Loch Lommond, heading towards Fort William. At first I thought having a three lane motorway dividing your city akin to the Clyde river was not such a good idea. But on reflection, it is a very good idea. Getting in and out of the centre and along at least two radial routes is very easy, easing the traffic on the commercial city streets. Having taken 2 hours to drive cross London from east to west, this city escape was a breeze.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

24 Hours in Glasgow

First, lunch with Geoff in the House of an Art Lover's restaurant. We were mates back in 1970 whilst work towards our masters.  First time together since 16+ years.

We had intended to visit the Macintosh collection in the House, but was not to be.  Closed to the public for a private function.

Oh well, clocked the garden instead.

 From the H of A L, Geoff took us to the Transport Museum,

to view from ships,

 to carts,

to steam,

to motors.  On walking around the exhibits it was, 'oh, I remember that.......and that......and that'. Feeling old? what me? no way....  however this was the first car we owned, a Ford Pop.  Second hand, 25 pounds to you sir.

Having been short changed on our Macintosh at the H of A L, Geoff brought us to his old place of employment, Glasgow Univerity.

 Whilst the university has some impressive architecture,

we were here to see this, a rebuild of Macintosh's house, the powers that be having demolished the original.  This is not the way in by the way.  Unfortunately, no photos allowed inside, but I can vouch for it being much more pleasing to view inside than out.

If you are wondering what all this Macintosh thing is about, here is an example of his 'style' - The Willow Tea Rooms on the third floor of Watts Brothers.  Considering he was active in the late Victorian period, this 'look' was, to say the least, revolutionary.  I wonder if a miniature make is in order?