Friday, December 29, 2006

Lotus Children Centre’s art.

The art was part of the decorations from the News Year’s Party. Flowers and colour

and loads of love, especially for Singapore. Such contrasting countries….cold/hot, massive/tiny, landlocked/island, dry/humid. The Singaporean visiters in summer seem to have made an impression.
And then some really imaginative art.

Images from the Lotus Children Centre New Year’s Show.

Didi, who opened the children’s centre, with one of her charges.

This young lad was wearing a deel. Very smart.

And Ruth. She is chief cuddle giver for Cuddles on Demand Inc. Ruth, VSO and bar, goes to the Centre every Friday for cuddle duty. In her words, more or less, “ I just sit at the back of the classroom and give out cuddles to those who need them”. You have to read that with a soft Welsh accent. Sounds really nice.

Ouch!!! Could be a potential customer for the cuddler.

And face sparkles are in this year darling
As are wizard hats for the boys.

Lotus Children’s Centre New Year Show

The stage is set.

Seats laid out

The master of ceremonies takes her place.

The excited audience take their seats.

And the show begins……well it might if the lads can make up their minds what to do!!!!
But the girls know how it should be done.

Frosty and WC 3

This morning was very, very cold. WC 3 at least. There was ice formed on the inside of the inside window frame. But every cloud etc……this pattern on the glass.

And a scene from Narnia on the other pane. Gek and I walked out at about 9:30am. My breath immediately froze in a frost on my spectales and when I tried to clean them, the lens came out of the frame. A new WC indicator……the lenses in your spectacles contracts so much they fall out of the frames!!!!!! -25 deg C brother.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Deel

For Christmas Gek has paid to have a dell tailored made for me. The actual garment took 6 mts of material and reaches down to just above the ankle. It is lined with a sort of quilted material to combat the cool climate here in Mongolia. The sash is 4 mts long and takes a bit of effort to wrap around the thigh. Apparently Mongolians wrap the sash round the hips and the Chinese around the waist. This is such an educational blog.

I love the colours. The sash has a rose emblem on it and the deel a relatively simple flower type pattern. The needle work is brilliant. I will wear it to ……………not sure yet. An appropriate hat and boots are needed to o complete the effect!!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Chadraabal’s Paintings

A long shot of the gallery with Chadraabal’s dad on the right chatting to a guest.
I know I should get the titles of the paintings but is difficult you know, taking photographs and clocking the title at the same time. Mountains and snow featured strongly in the exhibition.

And horses, symbolic of Chinggis.
And my own favourite needs a second plug!

Chadraabal’s Exhibition Dec. 2006

Chadraabal is the son of Adiyabazar, the Mongolian artist featured in an earlier blog. Chadraabal’s wife is Gek’s friend Chuka. I know, complicated isn’t it! Chadraabal is standing next to my own personal favourite from the exhibition.

We have been to three exhibition openings and all have involved the cutting of a red ribbon.

Then comes a blue sash, the presents and the flowers.
Lots of flowers.
At Chadraabal’s opening we were entertained by a Horse Head Stringed instrument performance with throat singing. Throat singing has to be heard to be believed. I love it. Another interesting fact is that the strings are stopped (I think that is the correct term) by the finger nail.
And then the TV interview for the next evening’s news. I do love Chadraabal’s waist coat. Very smart indeed.

Diversity and one crazy person.

This series of photographs were taken during a 30 minute walk. Traditional garb then,

contrasting designs using fur followed by,

a pink bandit!!!! Check out the chap in the top right of this picture. My fingers were already hurting in my gloves.

I have cropped him and he is one crazy man!!!! What was he thinking of?

Monday, December 11, 2006

People Watching From My Window

Using the long zoom from my office window, here are some of the people passing by. Note the blue Mongolian boots. Gek has bought a pair…….purple, of course. They do not have a left foot, right foot. Just position neutral.

Scarves are a big thing and are also worn around the waist to keep your kidneys warm. Well it is W.C. 2 today darling.
Mates. Always arm in arm. Keeping close, keeping warm.

And finally, the trendy young things. I like the grandma, 1920’s hats. Very popular here. And leather has to be trimmed with fur. I really fancy a calf length, black leather coat trimmed with black fur. Very Russian. The State Department Store has them for around $250. Bargain.

New Bronze on the Block

Sunday 10th December 2006 these chaps arrived to set up a new bronze installation just off Chingis Avenue. Judging from the shoes, it is a man. He will be keeping the three horse company but what view he will have is not yet clear.
Not very dignified but at least he has some protection from the cold. Looking at the plinth behind him, I think he may be set up looking over my right shoulder at the library. I will keep you posted.

Night Snow.

Night view of the State Store from our apartment after today’s snow.

Today it has snowed, all day. Not snow flakes as you know them Jim, but very fine dusty type snow. It has been cold enough, probably W.C. 2/3, for the snow not to melt under the wheels of the traffic on Peace Avenue. Unlike in the UK, where armies of men appear as if by magic with machines charging up and down the highways and bye-ways chucking rock salt all over the place, nothing happens. Except that the cars slow down a little bit and the snow gets swirled around in the air turbulence they create. And do you know, hardly anybody bumps into anyone else!!! Amazing. UB drivers are a breed apart. Their spatial awareness and ability to judge distances is truly remarkable. Black ice has no chance, think sheet ice driving without studs.

Same night looking towards Peace. Totally dark outside. Cannon rocks!!!!

Ice Sculptures


Taking pictures of ice sculptures is not easy. No shadows, no contrast. Flash was the only thing that seemed to get any kind of acceptable picture. That and the wizardry of the CANON software.


Better result on the DELL installation. Why a monkey and a crocodile, I have not idea. I cannot image that either company is associated with either beastie!!!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The New Front to the Parliament.

Very smart. It has caused a bit of controversy in Mongolia but the overall effect is stunning. I like it.
The building work is still not completed but the front of the new entrance was partially opened to the public in time for National Day, 26 November.

After 800 years the main man still figures large in the nation. You have to wonder about the real man behind all the imagery. What was he really like?

These two scary guys are on either side of Khan. The bronzes are extremely detailed and quite magnificent. The wild Mongolian horses are small and they must be very tough to cope with an armoured warrior.

This strange little chap has recently appeared at the back of the parliament building. He is facing into the building keeping an eye on the politicians inside!!!