Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pre Exhibition Openning.

So the day has finally arrived. Exhibition day. Fusion

Last evening the Gallery staff hung the paintings and photographs. Finished by 7:30. Easy job. Just the right number of pieces for the space. Magic.

There is a corner for the children's art work

, a wall for the photographs and a corner for the photo images projected onto a blank canvas on an easel. Fusion. Good hey? 6:00 pm is the official opening. Watch this space.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Photographs in the Exhibition - Portraits

These are some of the portrait photographs from the exhibition to be opened here in UB on 29th of this month, March. For Gek’s oil paintings please visit Gek’s Art Blog.
We have tried to pick portraits that are a bit “arty” or just very Mongolian!!!

I guess you must be the judge of that!!

I like this photograph. The guy just seemed so glad to have arrived!!!

The frames are approximately 20 ins x 12 ins with the picture being 15 ins x 7 ins. Cost is $35 American plus postage, if appropriate.

Photographs in the Exhibition - Landscapes

These are some of the photographs from the exhibition to be opened here in UB on 29th of this month, March. Scary. Neither of us has done anything like this before, but hey, why not? Ok, don’t answer that. Talk about sticking your neck out!!! Some images have been posted as blogs before. From the exhibition we have printed and framed 6 landscape photographs and 6 portrait photographs. For Gek’s oil paintings please visit Gek’s Art Blog.

The much pictured Two Gers!!! The framed photo’s are 20 ins by 10 ins over all dimensions with the photographs being approximately 15 ins x 4.5 ins. The frames are black and the picture borders are grey. If you double left click the images you will down load a bigger picture. (The white corners are protective card. I didn't want to take them off before the exhibition.)
The printing and framing together has cost $20 American for each print. So we thought to price a framed print at $35 each or 3 for $100. Bargain!!!
The “profit” is to go to Lotus Childrens’ Centre.

If you would like to buy one and have it posted to you, there would be the cost postage to add to the $35. Postage costs to be investigated!!!! Courier is more expensive but I guess more secure.
A couple of snow scenes.

The most recent taken at the VSO conference in Terelj.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spills on the Hill

The hill.....with hidden hazards. And a break from some heavy discussions.

This is how it is supposed to be. Mike looking cool!

But not for long. Who hid all those rocks under the snow!!!!

Maija did stay on the horse yesterday, thankfully.

But cursing the plastic will not help.

Zoe loosing it big time, ....... I have seen the bruised elbow.

Jude just about in control,

And Rob air born. Painful, man!!!!

Red faces in the cold


Secure Livelihoods Conference, Terelj

The UB 2 Hotel in the National Park to the North East East of UB by about 80 km. We SL Vols had our 2 day conference here mid-March. Nice and snowy with cold. We did work long 11:15 pm I will have you know, but

we did get time to enjoy..........riding for Maiji and walking for the rest.

We met this character on the way into the valley. It was decided that 'it' was a cowyak.

The park has a lot of Ger camps for tourists. Not occupied at this time of year, though. The Mongolian landscape is very, very fragile. There is little rainfall and as a result very thin vegetation anywhere. The top soil is just a skin on the earth. The park is doing a good job in trying to restrict the damage hoards of tourists would do to the delicate balance nature was achieved here over the millenia.

The snowscapes are wonderful. Unfortunately for me, the best photo opps were on the drive out of the park.....but no time to stop.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Moon Light

A rather topical blog entry given the first solar eclipse seen on earth for three years
I don't think we are to experience it here in UB.

Gek's Uni Mates

On the Friday before we left to return to UB, we had a reunion dinner with Gek's University mates from way back when!!! We have to thank everybody we met up with, from family to Taiji friends to old work mates to ex Ngee Ann Polytechnic colleagues. Thank you all for making the trip so memorable. And a special thanks to you Swi for putting us up for the three weeks.