Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Shophouse Model.

Finally gotten started on the modular shophouse design.  Follow for the associated web pages.  The drawings needed a little correcting in the light of the build, nothing major,  but the materials cutting list was spot on. This is house number 12.  I love design and make. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Durian Party 2012

 Malaysia'sKing of the Fruits Festival is on. An excuse for some Singaporeans to fly into Penang for a taste. Business as usual at Ah Tu's farm.

The cool bar - coconuts on demand.

Quite a crowd - about 30 people - Malaysians and Singaporeans all with sticky and stinky fingers.  The Englishman stays up wind.

 This is Penang's Sunday breakfast at Gurney Drive coffee shop. Tables have to be reserved as it is a popular place.

Thanks to the great hospitality of a Penangite, Chong Lai.
And thence to Genting Hill for light refreshments. Oh and a trip down memory lane with unaccompanied karaoke.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

360 development

All these developments, save the new bridge,  are within 1 mile of our apartment, as seen from our block's roof. To the North,  three-storey houses.

To the South East, a condo and shopping complex.

To the South South East, the second bridge linking the island to the mainland.

To the South South East,  condo, shopping mall AND business area.

To the South,  PISA is becoming a conference and exhibition centre,  the old car park to be an hotel.

To the South South West, not sure but likely to be shops with apartments above them.

To the South  West,  no idea what this will be

To the West, new condo and shopping centre.  Could be a place to move to in three years time?

To the North West,  a new wet market and hawker centre, touted as a break with past wet smelly wet markets.  Modeled on the Victoria Market in Melbourne, no less!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Book - Red Dust.

An Orwellian tramp through China.  A three year tramp.  Quite depressing.  But, history shows that a people can and do recover from State induced blues.