Monday, December 24, 2012

Film - The Hobbit.

Loads of spear/arrow-em-up-action, too much for my tastes.  And why do all the important people like Elves, Wizards and high ranking Dwarfs all speak with a single posh English accent , whilst the riffraff and bad guys all speak with different strong regional English accents?  Lancashire, Scottish,  Irish, Cockney,  all were in there.  Why not American and Australian as well, not to mention Singlish? If you don't speak posh, are you dumb?

OK, my little rant over.  Tolkien one step too far, me thinks.  Would have been much better if the director had had the courage to 'do' the Hobbit before the L o R.  2.5 on the door.  Not impressed.

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