Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Netherlands - Den Haag, The Mesdag

This modest looking building house's one of the most extraordinary works of art, a 360 deg panorama, 14 mts high and 120 around.

The work was created by Hendrick Mesdag with his wife Sientje plus three other local artists,  Bernard Blommer, George Breitner and Theophile de Bock. Together they completed this work between March 1881 and August the same year, an amazing feat by any measure. What I particularly found endearing was the reason driving the urgency to complete the endeavour.  Den Haag council were proposing to 'develop' the area pictured, the dunes and the fishing village of Scheveningen, a local beauty spot. Hendrick as not a happy bunny about the impending desecration of this scenic place and put brush to canvas to protest. His effort prevailed.  Respect!

A detail from the painting. In the foreground real sand, fishing net and anchor. Turely amazing.

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