Saturday, June 09, 2018

Volvo Ocean Race - Port Run Around, Cardiff

We arrived a little early for the start of the in port race, with the estuary still empty of yachts.  Rather chilly it was.

The circuit  buoys were on the way out to make the course,

and the rescue chaps going out to station. So, time for an Italian lunch along Penarth promenade.

 On our return, there they were.  Seemed to be playing chicken with each other, three going right and two left.

A little difficult was it to capture all 7 yachts in one shot.  Before the start of the race, flitting about all over the place they were

Then they were off.  Bit confusing for us, the uninitiated, as three yachts when off to the left and  four headed across the estuary towards Devon.

Walking back to the station, Scallywag came in to view between the trees.  She had just wound in her spinnaker.

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