Friday, October 12, 2018

The Scottish National Gallery

We were hoping to see some of the Scottish painter Henry Raeburn's works here and we were not disappointed.

One of Gek's commissions for the Upton House  'Made to Measure' project is Raeburn's The MacDonald Boys. Unfortunately, the original painting has yet to be cleaned and despite our best efforts we cannot make out the detail in the right-hand bottom corner of the work. Perhaps this image may help?

A painting that caught my eye was this by Wilem van Haecht, not just for the detailed images of other artists works in miniature but also,

because of this.  In the doorway you can see donkey-headed men, or are they dog-headed, smashing up art works.  Bit of a grouse?

Canaletto. You have to be impressed by the detail here, as on all his work.  A snap shot of his time.

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