Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Continental Morgan Holidays.

The first Morgan trip.  This was also the first holiday we had together on our own, without Anna or Polly.  We took a ferry from Poole, Dorset, to Cherbourg in Normandy and then drove down into Brittany.  I had only just managed to finish rebuilding the car the week before we left Stafford, so I was a bit on tender hooks as to whether we would avoid a breakdown.  Wondering if I had cocked up more like.  It was a brilliant holiday.  Only one mishap.  The clutch cable snapped.  Luck I had brought a spare cable!!  In fact,  I seem to remember we had more spares than luggage.  Another photo I just love.

The second trip was to the Loire Valley.  Three weeks driving the length of the Loire, visiting the chateaus, dining well and sampling the red , of course.  Excellent.  We stayed in top places.  The Morgan in question, just visible in the background, was now a lovely red +4.  Jenny hadn't been a massive fan of the marque but she loved this one.  When we decided to upgrade from a 4/ 4 to a +4,  this was the first car we viewed.  She decided, not me,  that this was the one!!!!  The whole three weeks was topless driving.  Cann't beat it.

And so for the third trip,  Lake Garda in Northern Italy and then on south intoTuscany.  We had taken  the over night car-train from Brussels to Milan.  This was the start of a 6 week holiday in Northern but most of the time was spent in Tuscan Italy.  San Gimignano was our ultimate destination.  It has to be done.  Top off,  driving on those brilliant winding roads across the hills of Tuscany in a car with a bit of grunt.

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