Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Maija’s Place

Yes, Maija’s place is a ger. The address………somewhere in the ger district to the north west of the city centre, about 30 mins in a micro bus and coincidentally, on the road to Khass’s foundry.And, yes, you did read right. We travelled for the first time by microbus. And I now know how many people it takes to fill a microbus…….20 PLUS caller and driver. Taking the front seat, known locally as the mother-in-law seat (think about it!!), is very exciting!!!!!
A typical ger street on the edge of the district near to Maija’s home. Gers are usually in an enclosure called a “Hasha”, sometimes with a more permanent building along side.

The inside of a ger is very cosy and welcoming. The enclosed space always surprises me. It seems like a Tardis. There is, I think, an engineering explanation for this phenomenon but I will not bore you with all that!!!
After a very welcome cup of Earl Grey tea, sweetened with honey, the assembled company set off for a brisk walk in the rather chilly afternoon air.

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