Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Temple Wedding.

During the home stay, Shuree took me to the main temple in UB – The Megid Janraysig Temple. A wedding party was visiting the temple for a blessing. Quite a posh do by all accounts. Amongst the guests was a famous comedian. He was quite sweet. When the temple usher asked me to pay an entrance fee to the temple, he intervened and suggested that I should be allowed in with no charge. I do move in elevated circles these days!!!

Whilst the older generation wear the traditional dress as everyday clothes, ceremonies such weddings need the right gear. The cut of the clothes is almost the same for men and women, beautifully simple. The variations in colour and embroidered designs make for a feast for the eye when a group gathers. I still need to catch that scene on camera!!!

And of course this little boy was the star really. Perhaps 2/3 years old, he was wearing a full three piece suit, much too big for him, …..and tie, with trainers.

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