Thursday, May 03, 2007

Arvayheer to Harhorin - 112 km

We set off about 14:00 for Harhorin. A small part of the journey was on metaled roads but most of the time we traveled on tracks across the landscape. The driver, Maglesh, had done the UB to Arvayheer section before but not Harhorin to Arvayheer. How he navigated, I have no idea. No map, not landmarks..... nothing.

We only stopped once to ask these guys if we heading in the right direction. The 'countryside' is really quite amazing. I can fully understand how you could fall in love with it and never leave. Yes it is wild and dangerous and you would have a precarious existence, but the 'feel' of it and the nomadic life style are so different from settled agriculture or urban living. Quite unique.

But even here technology is evident. We saw herders on horse back using lassos held out in front on a pole, on camels and of course a few on motor bikes.

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