Monday, May 21, 2007

Mongolian Women

My daughter Polly always does an “oh….. dad…..” on me for extolling the virtues of Mongolian womanhood. Well, I am not the only one to have noticed. What follows is a direct quote from John Mann’s excellent book “Kublai Khan – The Mongol King Who Remade China” (Bantam Books) and are Mann’s opening lines to the book.

Quote -
“ONE THING YOU NOTICE IN MONGOLIA: THE WOMEN COMMAND ATTENTION. In the countryside, crones with walnut faces skewer you with direct, self-confident eyes; tough, red-cheeked girls ride like master-horsemen. In the Ulaanbaatar , the capital, you cannot walk from the main square to the department store (there is only one) without passing a beauty radiating elegance, and proud of it. They have a bearing, an assurance, that is more New York than Beijing
– end quote.
I completely agree,… on. In fact, you would pass several such women on one pass down Peace Avenue

And, even better, the women I am privileged to work with on our project are sharp of mind to boot!!!!.

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