Thursday, May 03, 2007

Shanka Temple.

We broke the journey at the Shanka Temple. We had also collected a puncture which Maglesh dutifully fixed.

Above the gate are a couple of pictures. I was told the temple was built by a rather brutal leader who, on conversion to Buddism, wanted to atone for his bad behaviour. The tiger represents ego. So I guess the guy is trying here to keep his under control!!!

Before the 1930's purge of the Lama community, this temple was the focus of 10,000 peoples lives. Now there is but a handful of Lamas. Thousands of lamas were rounded up and kept in appalling conditions which most of them did not survive.

Stupas, each with an image of Buda inside. Please visit for info on the meaning of the Stupa.

The view from the gate. Stunning.

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