Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yak Spotting

Zoe and Maija yak spotting. Zoe in particular has become enamored of the yak. She has reportedly even combed one. It apparently was not too pleased and kicked her on the shin!!

Zoe is on a mission to get yak wool accepted as goat derived cashmere is. Goats eat everything, including roots and the explosion in the goat population is destroying the environment. Yak is an indigenous animal and lives in harmony with it's environment. But they always look so woeful!


  1. Them yaks are quite the chameleon -- the leftmost yaks look like acrobats, one standing atop another; the middle and bottom-right ones look like tapirs (or bottom-right yak's wearing a diaper); while top-right yak is actually a bear!! Admit it David... you chopped 'em all in with photoshop. ;-) Put in a couple o' seagulls while you're at it!

  2. You are right!!! I hadn't noticed! How weird. Must be the light in them there hills. All sorts of tricks. But I swear I saw seagulls!!!!