Thursday, May 03, 2007

Trip to Arvayheer - 447 km

This was my first real over land trip. Gek stayed in UB. Only Secure Livelihoods guys allowed on this one. We were off for a networking meeting and to visit Erik and Hazel at their placements. (Work details are on the SL blog.) To get to Arvayheer took 10 hours on and off road. The different coloured roads on the map are meaningless. But there is a lot of road building going on. The other thing is that there is hardly any traffic. And this is a main route. No surprise I suppose with half the population living in UB.

And this is it. A view of part of the town around Erik's place.

A caped crusader in the middle of the town,
giving these little lads the evil eye!!!!!

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